The Cat Enclosure

The Kidzone Outdoor Timber Cat Enclosure is sturdily built for longevity and with design consideration for ease of access and cleaning, safety and pet comfort. It has an overall size of 2200 height X 1960 width X 2730mm length. This wooden Cattery is constructed from a pet safe / child safe ACQ treated pine, that is resistant to rot and insect attack. It is fully covered with a Colorbond roof with your choice of colour from the Colorbond range, a large wire mesh covered area for external play and a large sleeping or resting compartment.The main sleeping / resting compartment is 980 long X 1800 wide X 1500 mm high and made from ACQ treated pine cladding – with option for a weatherboard upgrade – on a solid ACQ treated pine frame. It is raised above the ground to protect the wooden sleeping compartment from damp and rot and provides your feline friends a sheltered timber area underneath for play, or for just lazing around outside during the day. The base of the compartment has a galvanised steel plate for ease of cleaning and sanitation and a large hinged and pad bolted access door at the back. There is a sturdy timber ramp that allows the cat/s access to the sleeping compartment and a sliding galvanised metal door plate that can easily be closed from the outside of the cat enclosure, in order to lock the cat/s away safely at night. The main sleeping compartment will easily hold 4 or more large cat baskets for sleeping, food and drink bowls, some toys, climbing ramps or claw stretching material. It is up to you how you modify the compartment to provide your cat or cats with the sleeping and play environment of their dreams.The outer covered cage is constructed of firm mesh wire on a very substantial 70 X 35mm ACQ treated pine frame to keep your catch locked in or protect your feline friends from dogs, snakes or other wild animals. There is also a large hinged meshed covered door on the front of the enclosure for your access and to allow your friend/s out to explore when you choose.To enable your feline friends to play and rest upon, we can provide an optional small carpeted bench with back section running along the three cladded walls under the main sleeping compartment – 230mm wide and 380mm height off the ground, back section 840mm long  and side scections 610mm long. In addition, on one of the walls in the main sleeping is an optional carpeted wall frame to allow your feline friends to stretch their claws and muscles. Both the bench and wall frame can be easily detached to allow fitting of new carpet if and when required.There is an optional sleeping or birthing compartment that is attached to the side of the main sleeping compartment: 770 long X 430 wide X 400 mm high with gal cover hinged lid / top which opens upward to enable ease of access to the cat or kittens. It has a small round plate at the side that can be pushed aside to allow access for the electric lead of a heated mat – heated mat not provided.The outdoor cat enclosure comes complete as a flat pack / kit with detailed assembly instructions and all the fittings and fixtures required. It can easily be assembled by two people within 1 to 2 hours.Optional Small Door within the Front Door$50

The Cattery

2200 high X 1960 wide X 2730 mm long

Base Price $1450
External Sleeping Comp. $350
Carpeted Wall Panel $90
Carpeted 3 Sect. Bench $165
Optional Down Opening Front Door $75

Kidzone Cubbies are located centrally to cost effectively supply our quality timber pet houses to the  Eastern States including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane  and Melbourne. If you have any questions about our wooden  products or require a free no obligation quote, please contact us on 0425 787 358 or via our contact page.  We also offer a special price for installation if you can provide someone to help.


Prices are current as of 3rd February 2016