About Kidzone Cubbies



Kidzone Cubbies is proudly an Australian family owned and managed manufacturer of quality outdoor timber equipment including children’s wooden cubby houses, forts and castles, as well as timber pet houses, gazebos and sheds. We are a customer focused company that provides a high level of service and are professional, honest and ethical in all of our dealings.

Kidzone Cubbies operates from a manufacturing facility based in the Albury Wodonga region which is centrally located to deliver our product cost effectively to customers in the eastern states including Sydney, Canberra, country Victoria and NSW.

Our Vision

Timber cubby and pet houses, sheds and gazebos built for years of fun and comfort, for the ones you love – Kidzone Cubbies.

Our Products

Kidzone Cubbies wooden products are sold largely in flat pack form. The timber cubbies provide a source of endless joy for the children who play with them, the wooden pet houses provide comfort and shelter to the pets housed in them and the timber gazebos and sheds provide function as well as ambiance and charm to any outdoor garden. They are very easy to assemble, robust, and visually appealing. We manufacture them to be structurally sound and durable, with quality workmanship and stringent production control. Only parts of the highest quality are used and all products are checked thoroughly during the manufacturing process and before leaving the factory. We use environmentally friendly treated pine timber that is child and pet safe and resistant to insect attack and rot.

We understand that to produce the best quality goods at a competitive price we need both consistency and efficiency in our manufacturing processes. We achieve this by building our products in batches with stringent quality control, using accurate jigs and fixtures and by sourcing the highest quality materials and accessories.

Although we build our wooden products with high quality and durable materials, timber products by their nature are prone to weather and crack. In order to enhance your products appearance and resistance to deterioration, we recommend that you apply a treatment of suitable stain such as Cabot’s decking oil or an equivalent, or a suitable outdoor paint.


We can organise quotes for you for the delivery of your product. You may however choose to pick it up directly from our factory or arrange for your own transport. We can supply you with package dimensions and weight on request.

Please remember that you will be receiving a large package that is flat packed, and heavy. As such to accept delivery, you will need at least two fit and healthy people capable of hand unloading from the delivery van. The plastic straps or packaging will need to be cut to allow unloading of the individual items. Deliveries are normally made during business hours and you can make special arrangements with your own carrier. Please ensure we and / or your carrier has a business contact number for you.

If the package has been badly damaged in transit, we recommend that you do not accept delivery of the item.

Kidzone Cubbies are centrally located to deliver their products cost effectively in flatpack form to all key cities in the eastern states including Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne. Please feel free to contact us on 0425 787 358 or via our contact page for a free no obligtion quote, or to discuss your requirements for one of our quality timber products.

Installing your timber Cubby, Pet House, Gazebo or Shed:

Our entire range of timber cubby and pet houses, gazebos and sheds are available in kit form / flat pack  to allow for easy construction by the home handyman, or we can undertake the complete installation for you. Installation can often be carried out concurrently with delivery. We will require someone to be at home and to help with the unloading. The area in which the timber cubby, pet house, gazebo or shed   is to be erected MUST be level and flat. If it isn’t, an elevation kit needs to be purchased from us before hand and the nature of the area it is to be erected on, discussed with us.

The installation instructions are clear and easy to follow. There are plenty of handy men and tradesmen that can be sourced in the Yellow Pages or on the internet if you choose not to assemble it yourself and we cannot offer an installation service in your area.

DIY Installation:

All products are supplied in a prefabricated kit form, along with all of the screws and fittings that you require. There are ease of assembly guidelines on this website for many of the products in our range, as well as detailed assembly instructions that come with the flat pack on delivery. You will require a minimum of two adults for the assembly operation and a power drill with a Phillips head bit attachment, spirit level and a ladder.

Elevation kits require digging holes for the Cyprus Pine posts which need to be concreted into the ground to a depth of approximately 600mm – 1.5m elevation. Instructions for the assembly of the elevation kit are provided with the product on delivery. The assembly instructions for the Fort on the website can also provide good direction for the assembly of an elevation. You will need  a minimum of a half bag of quick dry cement for each post hole and a sturdy shovel to dig the holes, as well as a spirit level – 1m in length or more – to set the poles straight and for level mounting of the pine boards.